Keep That A/C From Freezing This SummerA frozen air conditioner is near the top of the list for A/C problems that are largely avoidable, especially during hot weather when it runs frequently. The indoor air handler for a central cooling system houses an evaporator coil that carries cold refrigerant. The warm air blowing over it absorbs the heat from your home and carries it outdoors, where the refrigerant cools off.

If the evaporator coil doesn’t have enough air blowing over it or the refrigerant level is too low, it will freeze. As the coil freezes, the air the blower fan circulates through the ducts will start to warm and your home starts to warm up. Eventually a switch shuts the A/C off, and the ice or frost has to melt before the system will run again.

Solving the Problem

Check the condition of the air filter. If it’s clogged with dust, replace it immediately. If the filter is clean, you can speed the thawing process by switching the thermostat cooling setting to “off” and turning the fan to “on.” The warm air blowing over the coil will melt the icy coil faster.

When the air filter is clean, you might have an overly dirty evaporator coil. It may be clogged with dust, mold growth, or a biological film. Your HVAC contractor can remove these deposits using soft brushes and safe chemicals.

Biological growths occur on the coil because it provides adequate moisture and it’s a dark environment. UV (ultraviolet) lights focused on the coil will prevent their growth, as well as improving your home’s air quality year-round.

If you’ve kept your air filter clean and had your system serviced and cleaned professionally each season, you may have leaks in the refrigerant lines that can occur at any time An HVAC technician can measure the refrigerant level, find the leaks and seal them.

A frozen air conditioner is a sure sign that something’s wrong with your cooling system. Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing can help you get your system running quickly. We provide trusted HVAC services for homeowners in Grand Traverse County and the surrounding areas.

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