Is Your Thermostat Reading the Right Temperature? | Team Bob'sA malfunctioning thermostat not only decreases your home comfort, it can increase your HVAC system energy consumption and even put damaging wear on the components that eventually causes a breakdown or component failure. If your thermostat temperature reading is off, these tips may help you get it working properly again.

Clean the Inside

A dirt or dust buildup under the cover can affect how well your thermostat reads and controls temperature. If you haven’t done so recently, remove the cover and gently dust all the internal components with a soft brush. Dip a cotton swab in electrical contract cleaner and wipe the metal contacts to clean off any corrosion too.


If the sensor is acting up, you may be able to get it working properly again by recalibrating the thermostat. If you don’t see any improvement in its temperature reading ability, though, you should start shopping for a new unit.

Adjust the Positioning

An older mercury thermostat can get off level if it’s been bumped accidentally. You can fix this by placing a small carpenter’s level just above it and making incremental positional changes until the unit sits level again. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to upgrade to a modern unit.

Change the Location

Your thermostat needs to be situated in a central spot in your home, away anything that can hinder its ability to accurately control the temperature. This includes exposure to direct sunlight and other heat sources, or airflow from an HVAC vent and other drafts. If it’s not well-located, having it moved may be necessary.

Factor In Its Age

Just like any other sensitive device, a thermostat can gradually become less reliable as it gets older. If none of the above suggestions work, now’s the time to replace yours. With a new Wi-Fi or programmable thermostat, you can automate your comfort level, save energy and benefit from an array of convenience features too.

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