Insulation is Important for Summer, TooInsulation does more than keep your home toasty in winter. It provides a thermal barrier, which means it prevents summer’s heat from moving through the walls or attic and into your home. Here is more about that and steps you can take to keep your home cooler all summer long.

Start With the Attic

Your attic can be one of the most substantial contributors to heat gain in summer. Heat that collects in this space quickly warms the ceilings and walls and radiates into the home. Attic insulation is a vital feature for preventing this.

In most situations, installation is a job for professionals. The attic is a difficult working environment, and poor installation will undermine the quality of even the best insulating materials.

Proper installation starts with determining and choosing the correct R-Value, which indicates the material’s ability to thwart heat transfer. The recommended R-value for the attic is region/climate dependent, but is always higher than the R-Value for other areas of the home.

Walls and Other Areas

Most homes could stand more thermal protection everywhere. Even if you have plenty of shade for your exterior walls, ambient heat outdoors can penetrate the home. You can check inside your walls by removing outlet covers and shining a light into the wall space. Remember to shut off power first. If insulation appears sparse, consider having more added.

Don’t forget to check other areas such as closed crawl spaces and floors or walls connecting the house to a basement or attached garage.

Caring for Insulation

Avoid compression — The spaces between fibers help by trapping air. When these air pockets are compressed, this insulating factor is lost.

Control moisture — Water conducts heat well, and this means that moisture, whether it arises from high humidity or leaks, lowers the R-value of many types of insulation. Keep it in good shape by repairing roof leaks or other water leaks promptly and by controlling indoor humidity.

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