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Insulating The Crawl Space Under Your Traverse City Home

Insulating The Crawl Space Under Your Traverse City HomeMany Traverse City homes sit atop a crawl space. Most crawl spaces are dark, unfinished and may be home to unwelcome creatures. Because of its unfinished nature, your crawl space can cause problems for your home. Insulating the crawl space is a good way to prevent moisture damage and increase your home’s efficiency.

Most crawl spaces have vents, which allow air to flow through the space year-round. These vents used to be code-enforced, but recent findings show that venting may not be beneficial depending on your climate. In the wintertime, crawl space vents can allow cold air to enter the space below your living area. This cold, outdoor air can cool floorboards, as well as heating components like your ductwork, which can increase energy costs. Insulating the crawl space can solve these cold weather issues. If your crawl space is vented, vents are blocked if local code allows.

Conditioning your crawl space can also be beneficial. Many crawl spaces also house a home’s ductwork, so connecting this space to the HVAC system is as simple as installing a register. By allowing your crawl space to receive the same conditioned air as your living space, your home will stay more comfortable. Conditioning your crawl space improves the efficiency of your home by preventing its temperature from affecting the structure above.

Humidity has a tendency to build up in the crawl space. A humid environment can be an ideal host for mold which can do serious damage to your home and health. When insulating the crawl space, a moisture barrier should be installed to prevent damage to your home caused my humidity and mold. An encapsulation system will include this barrier, or lining, up walls and across the exposed ground floor. Drains may also be required to manage the moisture which can build beneath the lining. A dehumidifier can be used when conditioning the crawl space to reduce the effects excess humidity has on your home.

If you’re considering insulating the crawl space below your home, contact the pros at Team Bob’s Plumbing Heating Cooling. We’ve helped Traverse City homeowners for more than 30 years.

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