Think About These Things Before Installing a FurnacePlanning a furnace installation? The first thing you’ll need to know is the heating load for your home, which will determine what size equipment you purchase. Here’s what else you should know about the heating load, and some other points to ponder before you schedule your furnace installation.

Heating Load

The heating load is how much heat is needed to achieve a certain temperature range in a defined space. Your goal is to install the furnace with the smallest capacity that can handle your home’s heating load. Some consultants may recommend you buy the same size furnace you have now or may want to calculate what size you need based on square footage alone, but do not accept either proposal. An HVAC consultant should come to your home, make notes on how many people live in the home, square footage, number and size of windows, orientation of the home, and other factors. After inputting this data into Manual J computer software, the heating load will then be determined.

Heating load is important because a furnace that is too small will struggle to heat your home and wear out before its time. A furnace that is too large will short-cycle, turning on and off too frequently and wearing out before its time.

Other Efficiency Factors

  • Ductwork — If your ductwork is old, you may want to replace it before installing a new furnace. New ductwork should be sized with Manual D software when you’re planning your installation. At the very least, have old ductwork inspected and repaired if there are holes or segments are disconnected. You don’t want your conditioned air leaking into unconditioned spaces.
  • Air Balancing — Heating systems are more efficient when they are properly balanced. “Balance” pertains to airflow, or the right balance between return and supply air from all the grilles and registers.
  • Furnace Filter — With your new installation, make sure the furnace filter is easily accessible so you can change it frequently.

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