5 Energy-Efficient Reasons to Buy Matching Indoor and Outdoor UnitsIt’s rare for both main components of a central air conditioner to fail at the same time. Usually, either the outdoor condenser/compressor gives out or the indoor evaporator coil fails. When this happens, you may be tempted to replace just the failed component to save money. Buying matching indoor and outdoor units is a better choice for the following reasons.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

Seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) of new air conditioners are based on complete systems rather than individual components. To realize the energy savings you’d expect to gain from investing in a higher SEER model, you need to install compatible outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor evaporator units.

Greater Reliability

If you upgrade just one unit, the efficiency incompatibility between the two components puts added strain on the remaining equipment. The older component is more likely to give out when it’s under the heaviest workload, which leaves you vulnerable to an inconvenient failure at the height of the cooling season. With an entirely new system, you can expect 10 to 15 years of reliable service.

Lower Lifetime Costs

Having both components replaced offers enhanced reliability and efficiency, so you’ll save on maintenance, repairs and cooling costs over the equipment’s life span. If you only update half the system, you’ll also face a second costly replacement when the remaining older component quits working.

Design Advancements

If your current equipment is a few years old, replacing the entire system can let you take advantage of air conditioning design advancements. Today’s systems offer technologies like variable-speed air handlers, thermal expansion valves, improved coil designs and scroll compressors for greater comfort, durability and humidity control.

New Equipment Warranty

Pairing mismatched components can make it impossible to meet the equipment manufacturer’s installation specifications, and this could void the warranty on your new component. When you install matching components instead, you’ll gain the benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty on the entire system.

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