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Improving Indoor Air Quality: 5 Things You Can Do

Improving Indoor Air Quality: 5 Things You Can DoMore and more people are becoming aware of the bad air that’s floating around inside their homes, often much dirtier than the air just outside the door. Improving indoor air quality can be accomplished with a few relatively simple steps. Find out how to start breathing in the fresh air in your home today.

Easy Steps for Improving Indoor Air Quality

1. Avoid the use of chemical cleaners. Traditional air cleaners may fill your home with an appealing fragrance, but that likely means harmful substances were used to create that “clean” smell. Switch to fragrance-free laundry products and stop using aerosol sprays. Use lemons to get a clean scent. Open up windows when possible. Hanging plants such as ferns and spider plants are also known air cleaners.

2. Keep your floors clean. Mop and vacuum at least once a week, and use door mats at every entrance to control the amount of pollutants that come into your home.

3. Control the humidity levels in your home. To keep moisture-loving mold and dust mites in check, the humidity levels in your home should stay between 30 and 50 percent. Take steps like using a dehumidifier and air conditioner in the summer, turning on exhaust fans or opening windows when cooking and showering, and fixing leaky pipes anywhere in your home.

4. Have your home tested for radon. This radioactive gas has been linked to lung cancer, but it’s odorless and colorless; a simple, inexpensive test can indicate whether you have a radon problem.

5. Make it a smoke-free zone. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 detrimental chemicals; therefore, you should insist that any smoking occurs outdoors away from open windows.

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