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Indoor Air Quality: 7 Steps To Improving Spring Allergy Symptoms

Indoor Air Quality: 7 Steps To Improving Spring Allergy SymptomsDid you know that you can control spring allergy symptoms just by making a few changes to your HVAC equipment? A few simple changes to your equipment maintenance and the units that you use can make a big difference in the amount of allergy symptoms you suffer from throughout the year. Try making these adjustments now to avoid allergies in the late spring, summer, and fall.

These seven steps will improve your indoor air quality:

  • Schedule HVAC maintenance: If you schedule HVAC maintenance, the technician will address any problems that can cause allergies, such as condensation, dust build-up, or the efficiency of the unit. The colder it is in the house, the less likely mold and allergens are to spread.
  • Add UV filters: UV filters kill and mutate contaminate cells in your HVAC system. This will prevent the contaminants from ever spreading and causing damage to the lungs.
  • Install HEPA filters: A HEPA filter is the best kind of particle air filter. It can block nearly any-sized physical particles in the air. Replace filters every three months for maximum efficiency.
  • Consider the use of air purifiers: An air purifier can collect dust and pet dander that your normal air filter misses. These air purification systems work well in high-traffic rooms and bedrooms to collect additional dust and contaminants.
  • Change filters: Change your HVAC filters and the filters to your air conditioner and heating system at least every six months for additional filtration.
  • Vacuum with filters: Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to trap even more dust and dirt. Replace your vacuum filter about once a year for maximum benefit.
  • Consider a dehumidifier: Mold spores love moist air. If you install a dehumidifier, you can reduce the spread of mold in your home. Place the dehumidifier in your ductwork, or use individual units in the bathrooms of your home.

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