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If You Know How To Properly Use Your Garbage Disposal, You’ll Avoid Plumbing Problems

At first glance, your garbage disposal seems like a robust piece of kitchen equipment designed for one thing: grinding up garbage and other waste and sending it down the drainpipes. This is true enough, but using a garbage disposal is not simply a matter of stuffing it full of garbage and turning it on. If you’re not careful, you can wind up with a significant plumbing problem.

To avoid a call to the plumber, consider these tips for making the best use of your garbage disposal to keep your pipes and disposal unit free of problems.

  • Do not pack the garbage disposal tightly. Insert garbage loosely to avoid jamming the grinding mechanism.
  • Use plenty of cold water while your garbage disposal is running. Keep the water flowing for at least 30 seconds after the unit’s grinding noises have stopped. This will ensure that all food and waste particles are sent down the drain. Leftover material will begin to rot and generate foul odors.
  • Use cold water to run through the garbage disposal during operation. Cold water helps solidify grease and fatty wastes so that they are properly ground up and flushed away.
  • Small bones are actually beneficial for your garbage disposal. They help clean the inside of the grinding chamber.
  • After washing dishes, make sure there are no small items left in the sink before you drain it into the disposal. Metal or glass objects or other hard items will damage your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t leave garbage in the disposal; run the unit each time you put food waste in it.
  • Observe all necessary safety precautions when running your garbage disposal. If you have to reach into the unit to remove an item, make absolutely certain the disposal is off. Fingers are treated the same as small chicken bones in a garbage disposal.

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