Is HVAC Zoning a Good Option for My Traverse City Home?If you’re paying high energy bills, but comfort is less than ideal in some areas of your home, you need to investigate the benefits of having an HVAC zoning system professionally installed. With an HVAC zoning system in place, you can accurately and effortlessly control heating and cooling in different areas of your home based on occupancy and use.

Zoning System Basics

HVAC zones are created by installing motorized dampers in the ductwork. Each zone has its own thermostat that’s connected to a centrally located panel that controls the entire HVAC system. From that one location, you can set different temperatures in each zone to precisely control energy consumption and comfort. The number of dampers and thermostats needed is determined by the home’s configuration and square footage.

Advantages of Zoning Systems

Although zoning can boost efficiency and comfort in any home, it’s especially beneficial in multi-story homes and those with rooms or apartments over a garage, living space in an attic or basement, cathedral ceilings, numerous large windows, lofts or sunrooms. The key advantages of zoning include:

  • Improved year-round comfort – A zoning system provides a more consistent temperature in occupied areas of the home and virtually eliminates hot and cold spots. If the HVAC system has a variable-speed air handler to modulate output continuously, you’ll see improvements in humidity control and air quality as well.
  • Significant energy savings – The precise control offered by a zoning system lets you minimize energy consumption in seldom-used areas of the home and makes heating and cooling the living areas more efficient. When programmable thermostats are used in the zoning system, you can save as much as 30 percent more on energy costs.
  • Enhanced reliability – When the daily operation of the HVAC system is optimized with zoning, the equipment doesn’t need to run at full capacity with every cycle so there’s less wear and strain on key components. You’ll experience fewer breakdowns requiring costly repairs and maximize the equipment’s expected service life.

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