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Does Your High-Efficiency HVAC Unit Have An Odor Issue? Here’s What To Do

Does Your High-Efficiency HVAC Unit Have An Odor Issue? Here's What To DoA high-efficiency HVAC unit is an excellent upgrade for your Grand Traverse County home. It increases your comfort and your home’s market value. However, just like any HVAC system, it can sometimes have an odor problem. If you’ve been noticing an unpleasant smell associated with your high-efficiency HVAC unit, keep reading to learn what might be causing it and what you can do to fix the problem.

Your first step is to try to identify the type of smell. This can help you figure out what’s causing the problem. If you have an old sock smell that’s musty, earthy or generally moldy-smelling, you probably do have a mold problem. Mold can develop on the evaporator coils and other internal parts of your high-efficiency HVAC unit when there’s a source of moisture—either through leaks or condensation. Contact a professional HVAC technician who not only knows how to open up the unit and clean it, but also how to find and fix the source of the moisture.

If you have more of a rotten smell, you may actually have something that’s going bad inside your ducts. If you have floor vents, the culprit may be something as simple as food dropped into the vent. If this is the case, you can often fix the problem yourself by taking off the vent and removing the rotting food. If the smell seems strongest in one particular floor vent, it’s worth investigating.

On the other hand, you can also get decomposing rodents or other pests inside your ducts. While you can remove the problem by yourself if you feel comfortable doing so, you may want to have a pro check your ducts to find where the rodent got inside and fix any tears or disconnections that allowed access. You may also want to consider duct cleaning to remove any potential causes of odors.

For more information about making your high-efficiency HVAC unit odor-free, contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing. We’ve proudly served the Grand Traverse County area for over 30 years.

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