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3 Ways to Keep Your HVAC Unit Free Home Remodeling Debris

Free Remodeling your Michigan home? Don’t forget to protect your HVAC system. A home remodeling project can generate a great deal of dust and debris, which can spell trouble for air conditioners and other home comfort-related appliances. A build-up of remodeling debris inside the system can cause all manner of problems, from reducing your air conditioner’s efficiency to damaging fan motors and other moving parts. These three tips will help ensure that your home’s new look doesn’t cost you a new A/C unit.

  • Don’t run your A/C while work is in progress.
  • Close your vents.
  • Cut and sand outdoors.

If your A/C system is running during active remodeling work, the air it draws in to be cooled is likely to be laden with dust and dirt. This dust is then pulled into your ducts and the HVAC system itself.

Even with the A/C turned off, dust-filled air can still enter ductwork and appliances. Keeping vents closed helps to cut down the amount of dirt getting into your ductwork and any HVAC unit connected to it. If possible, cover up vents and registers completely.

You can reduce the amount of dust and debris that might enter your HVAC system by conducting as many of the messiest jobs as possible outside your home. Cutting and sanding in particular can generate lots of dust and flying particles, so try to take these outside. Keep work as far away from the exterior portion of your HVAC unit as possible.

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