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6 Benefits of Keeping Up With Routine HVAC Air Filter Replacement

6 Benefits of Keeping Up With Routine HVAC Air Filter ReplacementHVAC maintenance is essential to ensuring your home stays comfortable year round, and that your heating and cooling bills don’t get out of hand. Your HVAC professional can take care of most of the required upkeep during your regularly scheduled spring and fall tune-ups, but your system’s air filter is one critical component that needs monthly attention. Timely air filter replacement can benefit you in a number of ways:

  • It helps protect against system failure. When your HVAC filter is clogged with dirt, it reduces the air flow to the handler. This puts unnecessary stress and strain on the air handler’s fan motor. If it burns out, your HVAC system can overheat and fail.

  • It lowers your electricity use. When your fan motor works harder, it uses more electricity, so there’s a direct connection between a clean filter and a lower monthly electric bill.

  • It reduces your energy consumption. The energy efficiency of your entire HVAC system improves when the air filter is clean, so it uses less fuel to operate at an optimal level. Not only will you have a lower electric bill; you’ll see an immediate reduction in your overall heating and cooling costs.

  • You’ll enjoy better indoor air quality. Indoor pollution can cause breathing problems and allergic reactions, and it’s especially a concern over the winter months. A regular air filter replacement can affect your health in a positive way.

  • You’ll avoid unnecessary duct-cleaning costs. When the air filter is blocked, dirt and debris can collect in your ductwork, By checking and replacing your filter, you can avoid the extra expense of having your ducts cleaned more often than normally required.

  • It helps reduce your carbon footprint. You may not have realized that an air filter replacement is one simple step you can take toward a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

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