Humidifier: How it Can Help During Heating SeasonOnce winter weather arrives, outdoor humidity levels drop because cold air doesn’t hold moisture like warm air does. Running the furnace pulls more moisture out of your air supply and can make the indoor humidity fall to desert-like levels. Investing in a humidifier is the best way to replace depleted moisture and raise the humidity level back to an optimal 45–55 percent range.

Types of Home Humidifiers

There are two types of humidifiers available for home use:

  • Portable units. These humidifiers are equipped with a smallish tank that you have to refill. If you want to add moisture in just one room, they’re a good option.
  • Whole-house units. This kind of humidifier is installed on your HVAC system, and it doesn’t need refilling because it’s connected to your home’s water supply. It creates water vapor that’s added to the heated air and distributed by the furnace blower fan. You can control the humidity level at the thermostat, or via a separate humidistat.

Benefits of Whole-House Humidification

Installing a whole-house humidifier has a number of advantages:

  • Enhanced comfort. Warm air holds more heat, so you’ll find it easier to keep your home comfortable. You’ll also avoid common winter complaints like dry hair and itchy, flaky skin.
  • Better health. Dry air can cause sore throats, respiratory irritation and allergic reactions and worsen asthma and other breathing conditions. Raising the humidity level can relive these symptoms and discourage the growth of cold-, flu- and infection-causing bacteria and viruses that prefer dry conditions.
  • Less damage. Dry air can wreak havoc on your wood trim, floors and furniture, paint, wallpaper and drywall. Humidification prevents these problems, and it keeps static electricity from developing, which protects sensitive components in your computers, televisions and other electronics.
  • Energy savings. Compensating for dry winter air by raising the thermostat temperature setting is often necessary to maintain comfort, which wastes energy. When the air is humidified, you can dial back the temperature instead to save energy.

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