How Do You Clean Your Heat Vents?They’re easy to overlook, but your heat vents play an important role in your heating system’s ability to get you through the Grand Traverse County area’s chilly winters comfortably and economically. Keeping those vents clean helps ensure they can do their job.

Clean Vents, Clean Air

Heat vents and return air vents are a magnet for dust and other debris that circulates in your home’s air. This is especially true if they’re located on the floor. Within just a few months, this debris can build up enough that it starts to break off and re-circulate, adding to the air contaminants in your house and bringing down your indoor air quality.

The debris dirty vents release into your air duct system can also end up in your furnace components, causing reduced efficiency and unnecessary wear.

Sprucing Up Your Vents

Before cleaning your vents, turn off your heating and cooling system. Use your vacuum’s crevice tool or hose to clean up dust on and around the vent. Remove the screws holding in the vent and pull the vent out. Before removing a ceiling vent, place newspaper on the floor and wear a hat to protect yourself from falling debris. Vacuum out the inside of the duct behind the vent as far back as you can reach.

Plastic and unpainted metal vents can be placed in the dishwasher. If you have painted vents or prefer to clean by hand, wipe down the vent with warm, soapy water and a sponge, taking care to clean between the slats. You can soak especially grimy vents in hot water only for a few minutes, but leave out the soap, which could take off the paint.

Leave the vent out until you’re sure it’s completely dry, then set it back in place and replace the screws.

To clean heat vents you can’t remove, use a microfiber cloth. This won’t cause the smears a wet sponge could.

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