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Home Comfort Tips

Team Bob’s has partnered with local news broadcaster 7&4 to provide information about how to stay comfortable and cozy to our home viewers and listeners. We call it Team Bob’s Home Comfort Tips, and we are on every Wednesday morning during the local news just before the Today Show. We encourage you to hear what Charlie King, President of Team Bob’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, has to say, and we’re confident that you’ll find his tips to be valuable.

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Home Comfort Tip – Extending Your Water Heater’s Life

Did you know that the average life of your water heater is eleven years, and the average efficiency is only 60%? Extend the life of your tank by draining and flushing it once a year. Turn down the water temperature to 120° or below to help out with this as well. As always, refer to your owner’s manual before performing any of these tasks, or have one of our certified professionals come and do it for you. Always remember – we are here to help!

Home Comfort Tip – Preventing Wasted Water

A leaky faucet can waste up to 800 gallons a year. A leaky toilet can waste up to 70,000 gallons a year. You can be doubling and maybe tripling your annual water usage. Do your part to prevent wasting precious natural resources and flushing your own dollars down the drain. Have a licensed, certified plumber visit your home to help make sense out of all this – the trip can more than pay for itself in savings alone. Remember – we’re here to help!

Home Comfort Tip – Healthy Water

All of the water in our homes should be filtered to reduce known contaminants and cancer-causing substances. Most of our water has these contaminants and we need to know how they affect us. Get your water tested and filtered! Remember, we are here to help!

Home Comfort Tip – Water Quality in Your Home

If you live in Northern Michigan, you probably have hard water in your home. Hard water prevents the removal of dirt from your skin, is a skin irritant, makes it harder to clean dishes and clothes, decreases the life of your pipes and appliances as well as severely affects your energy bills. Learn more at www.teambobs.com!

Home Comfort Tip – Creating a Dust Free Home

First and foremost, let’s make sure your duct work is clean! Dust will accumulate in the bottom of your duct work. Make sure also that you have a clean air filter. Placing doormats at all your entrances will also keep the dust out. Have a great, safe day!

Home Comfort Tip – Choosing a Contractor

How do you choose a suitable home improvement contractor? Start by checking for properly trained, certified tradesman. How do they rate with the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, and with local references? Do they give back to the community? All of these things are important – all things that we at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling and Plumbing take seriously. Remember – we’re here to help!

Home Comfort Tip – Allergy-Proofing Your Home

In this home comfort tip, President Charles King talks about how to allergy proof your home. Start with a high-end electronic air filter out to keep the pollen out. By keeping the doors and windows closed, you’ll also help minimize pollen in the home. Also make sure your attic and crawlspace are dry. We are here to help!

Home Comfort Tip – Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Efficiently

Keeping your air conditioning running properly can really help maximize your energy savings and minimize pointless waste. Remember to change your filter every season! Keep your outside sensor clean from debris, and clean out your condensation lines and check your refrigeration levels to consume less energy and extend the life of your system. Have a great and safe day!

Home Comfort Tip – Carbon Monoxide

In this Home Comfort Tip, Charlie talks about the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home. As you know, carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that you can’t taste, see, or smell. It’s produced whenever we burn anything inside our home, and over 400 people per year in the United States alone die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Home Comfort Tip – Air Filtering

The air quality in your home is a very important thing. Did you know that the EPA ranks indoor air quality as a Top 5 Risk to public health? In the winter months here in Northern Michigan, we can be indoors more than five times as much as we’re outdoors, and indoor air quality can be five times worse than the outdoor stuff.

Home Comfort Tip – Frozen Pipes

Here in Northern Michigan, it’s no secret that frozen pipes are a reality during the winter months. They can burst, causing flooding and other severe problems. Electrical outages, fuel interruptions, and blocked venting can all cause a system to shut down.

Home Comfort Tip – Humidity

Charlie discusses how the annual temperature drops here in Northern Michigan cause indoor humidity to drop to levels like that of the driest deserts on earth. It’s very important to have properly functioning humidifiers.

Home Comfort Tip – No Heat

Did you wake up this morning with no heat in the house? It happens from time to time throughout a Northern Michigan winter, and it may be something you can resolve on your own. Here are some things you can check on before giving Team Bob’s a call.

Home Comfort Tip – Uneven Heat

During Northern Michigan winters, it’s not uncommon to experience uneven heating in your home – the upstairs is too warm, one bedroom is too cold. What can you do? Here are a few tips to help get things evened back out.

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