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Working With Your HVAC Tech: Heating Terms You Should Know

Working With Your HVAC Tech: Heating Terms You Should KnowIt’s important to schedule an HVAC—heating, ventilation and air conditioning—inspection with your local contractor at least once a year. When you’re working with your HVAC tech, you may notice a lot of foreign terminology being used. Become familiar with the following terms in order to improve your knowledge of your home’s HVAC system and to make working with your HVAC tech a much easier process:

  • AFUE, or annualized fuel utilization efficiency: A rating given to your furnace that measures its efficiency. The higher the percentage is, the more efficient the furnace is at turning fuel into heat.
  • CAE, or combined annual efficiency: A rating that measures how much heat is produced for every dollar that’s used for water heating and home heating.
  • CO, or carbon monoxide: A gas that is odorless, colorless and tasteless that’s produced by fuel-burning appliances such as your furnace. It’s harmless in small quantities, but can be deadly in larger quantities.
  • Condenser coil: The outdoor component of the heat pump that collects heat to bring into your home.
  • Heat exchanger: A device located in your furnace that transfers heat to the air surrounding it before it’s sent throughout your home.
  • Heat pump: A unit that moves heat to cool or heat your home. In the winter, it will draw heat from the outdoor air and pump it throughout your home. The process is reversed during the summer.
  • HSPF, or heating seasonal performance factor: The rating that determines the efficiency of a heat pump. Heat pumps with higher ratings are more efficient.
  • Zoning system: A system in which the home is separated into sections, or zones, where the temperature can be controlled separately, thereby increasing efficiency and comfort.

Become familiar with this vocabulary to make working with your HVAC tech easier. Schedule an annual HVAC inspection with the best service in the Grand Traverse County area by contacting Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Traverse City, Michigan and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about heating terms and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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