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Make Sure to Leave These Essential Heating Tasks to a Pro

Make Sure to Leave These Essential Heating Tasks to a ProYou may have skipped out on completing some maintenance tasks for your heating system last fall, but doing so may also have left you worried about a potential breakdown in the future. Understanding a few essential heating tasks that require a professional touch can help shine the light on why these tasks should never be neglected. Here are some tasks a pro can help you complete today:

Clean, lubricate and test your blower. Your furnace or heat pump heat in different ways, but for both, warm air is distributed through ductwork by means of a blower. The blower motor rotates a rapidly moving fan to distribute heated air and should be lubricated with oil. It takes some expertise to remove the motor and oil the fan, but by doing so, your motor will have a longer lifespan. Blower blades should also be cleaned.

Inspect burner combustion. Your technician will test your system’s burner combustion, making sure that carbon monoxide is not leaking. After removing the burner cover, the burners will be activated and inspected to see if they’re blue and even. Yellow flames may indicate that dirt has built up on the burners.

Combustion gases should also be analyzed, and burners should be checked for proper ignition. Lastly, your heat exchanger should be checked for cracks.

Check electrical connections. During a tune-up, connections for your thermostat, terminal board, ignition control and others should be checked to see if they’re loose, corroded or frayed. A non-conductive coating should be applied to your terminals.

Inspect condensate drain. Your condensate drain should be cleaned and checked for leaks and obstructions. Your trap must also be cleaned by replacing the water.

Check vent system and ductwork. Air ducts and vent systems (fresh air intake louvers and grilles) should be inspected for blockages and cleaned, while duct holes and loose sections of ductwork should be repaired so that conditioned air doesn’t leak out.

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