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A Heat Recovery Ventilator: A Must-Have For Airtight Homes In Michigan

Homes that aren’t sealed tightly lose energy because heated air escapes through gaps and cracks in the outer envelope. That’s why more and more homes in Michigan today are being built tightly and efficiently. However, an unanticipated side effect has resulted from sealing homes so tightly. Like a thermos, heat is kept effectively inside your home, but so is everything else, including potentially harmful pollution from cooking, cleaning and even breathing. That’s where a heat recovery ventilator comes in.

The purpose of heat recovery ventilators is to provide your home with an even distribution of fresh air while minimizing energy losses. It pulls air into your home from a fresh air intake and distributes the air evenly to every room that has a supply vent. On its way to the supply vents, incoming air first passes through a heat recovery core. Stale but warm outgoing air also passes through this heat recovery core.

The two streams of air never mix, but they pass by one another and the heat is transferred from the outgoing air to the cold but fresh incoming air. That way, you enjoy a breath of fresh air without paying excessive amounts to reheat the incoming air. In the summer, a heat recovery ventilator can work in reverse. That way, hot incoming air can be pre-cooled by colder outgoing air.

Heat recovery ventilators are ideal for moderate days in the spring and fall when the furnace and air conditioner are off. Homes without mechanical ventilation systems can’t enjoy the fresh air that you can by running the heat recovery ventilator to keep the fresh air coming in.

Existing homes can be fitted with ventilation systems that will work hard to make sure you always have fresh air to breathe inside your well-sealed Michigan home. To learn more, please contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing. We serve residents of Grand Traverse County and the five surrounding counties.

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