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Recirculate Your Home’s Warm Air and Improve Efficiency With a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Recirculate Your Home's Warm Air and Improve Efficiency With a Heat Recovery VentilatorOnce upon a time, keeping your home comfortable was as simple as turning up the thermostat. Fifty years ago, if you were chilly, you’d just warm up your house without thinking twice about the cost. Then, came the energy crisis of the 1970s, and sky-high energy costs became the norm.

Soon, newer homes were built to keep out drafts, and this reduced power bills, but also brought along a new problem — inefficient ventilation systems. Smart builders realized that the ideal home kept drafts out, while ensuring those who lived inside had fresh air to breathe. As a result, the heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system was born.

How Heat Recovery Ventilation Works

Like most brilliant designs, heat recovery ventilators are based on a very simple idea. Two ventilation ducts connect the home’s interior and exterior unit, while running through a heat exchanger. The incoming duct brings fresh air in, while the outgoing duct removes impurities as it heats up new air, saving precious energy.


There are some great upsides to installing an HRV system in your home. Some of the biggest reasons to consider an HRV system are:

  • Reduced heating and cooling costs.
  • Space-saving abilities.
  • Extremely cost effective in harsh climates.


Of course, no ventilation system is 100 percent perfect. Some of the downsides of HRVs include:

  • High installation costs.
  • Increased need for maintenance.
  • May not be cost-effective in mild climates.
  • Requires extra care against frost and cold temperatures.

We all know that fresh air is important, but just how clean is the air you’re breathing right now? If you’re like most of us, 90 percent of the air you breathe comes from indoor sources. Are you absolutely sure you’re treating your body to the very best? With a heat recovery ventilation system, you can rest assured your family is breathing easy, while staying warm this winter.

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