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Heat Pump’s Not Delivering Cool Air: Learn How to Troubleshoot

Heat Pump's Not Delivering Cool Air: Learn How to TroubleshootHeat pumps are efficient comfort systems that offer the convenience of home cooling and heating in one system. If your heat pump’s not delivering cool air for you this summer, try getting your system cooling again with this checklist, and you may save yourself time and a service call.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Tips

To operate at peak performance and deliver efficient home cooling and heating as designed, heat pumps need three elementary functions working in sync. Those functions are refrigerant heat exchange, free airflow and proper electrical functions. When your heat pump’s not delivering cool air, that’s where to start.

  • Thermostat — Check the thermostat one more time to make sure it is in COOL mode. If there is nothing displayed on the panel (digital thermostats), check the batteries.
  • Circuits — If the heat pump isn’t powering on at all, check the circuit panel for a tripped breaker. If the circuit is tripped (neutral/middle position), turn it all the way off and then back on.
  • Filter — A clogged filter may impede airflow to the point where distant supply outlets will not deliver much airflow. Check and change the filter regularly.
  • Blockages — Take a look at the cabinet located outside the home for airflow blockages. Springtime weeds and vegetation or other obstacles may be blocking airflow to the unit. There should be four or more feet of clearance to the cabinet for best results.
  • Icing — If power supply and airflow aren’t issues, and your heat pump still isn’t cooling, check the indoor evaporator for ice accumulation. There are many reasons for ice buildup on the coil. Chief among them are restricted airflow (have you checked the air filter yet?), faulty or loose electrical contacts, and incorrect refrigerant charge. Set the thermostat to FAN mode to defrost the ice block. (Do not use tools to chip away the ice.) Turn on the heat pump. If ice forms on the evaporator again, call a reputable HVAC professional.

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