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Heat Pumps: An Efficient Heating And Cooling System

Your heat pump is likely the most sophisticated and efficient machinery in your home. To maximize your energy savings, and home comfort, learn how your heat pump works to help you keep it in optimal working order.

The Components

Heat pumps condition your home by transporting heat. Most heat pumps are split systems, with an indoor and outdoor unit, both containing a heat exchanger and blower. The compressor sits between the units, and pumps refrigerant to the reversing valve. The reversing valve directs the refrigerant to either the evaporator or condenser (the heat exchangers), depending if the heat pump is in cooling or heating mode. Heat extraction and heat release occur at the heat exchangers, as the blowers pull air across them. The resulting conditioned air at the inside unit is circulated through the ductwork to your living space. The outdoor air is expelled. This process repeats, helping to maintain even temperatures throughout your home.

Maintenance And Care

When all the components are well-maintained, this process is extremely efficient for heating your home, providing as much as 300 percent more heat energy than is consumed. Heat pumps are comparable in efficiency to high-efficiency air conditioners for cooling your home. Follow these easy maintenance tips between service calls to keep your system running smoothly.

  • Wipe clean the indoor heat exchanger. Dust and debris like to stick to it.
  • Wipe the fan blades.
  • Change your air filter as needed.
  • For the outside unit, keep it clear of leaves, debris, ice, snow, and anything that may restrict airflow.
  • Vacuum the air-supply registers, and keep them clear of obstructions (furniture, toys, drapes).
  • Inspect your ducts for loose connections, leaks, and insulation in unconditioned areas. Seal leaks with mastic and mesh.
  • Make sure you have a heat-pump thermostat (with dual-fuel features, if applicable).
  • Schedule service with a heating and cooling professional twice a year. Consider a duct service, too. Efficient duct design is equally important to energy savings as heat pump efficiency.

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