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Get Ready For The Heat With Preventive Maintenance For Your Air Conditioning Systems

The summer months are quickly approaching here in Grand Traverse County and surrounding areas, and it’s almost time for your air conditioning system to start cooling your home. Before the weather gets too warm, you should get your system looked at so that it will be able to produce adequate comfort levels in your home during the summer months. A preventive maintenance check-up will help ensure that your system doesn’t malfunction when the hot weather gets here.

A professionally applied preventive maintenance check-up will consider the following components:

  • Electrical Connections:  Electrical connections are critical to your unit’s ability to cool your home. Bad connections can have a negative impact on the life of your system and will lead to unsafe working conditions.
  • Settings of Thermostat: To be sure that your system is not working more than it should, your thermostat settings need to be checked. An expert may ask you the following questions: Is your system set to run when you’re away from home? Is it set lower than it needs to be?
  • Condensate Drain: Dirty drains have a negative impact on the air quality in your home. A preventive maintenance check-up will have your condensate drains clean so that the humidity levels in your home stay in the proper range all summer long.
  • Refrigerant Level: Your system’s refrigerant levels are critical to it’s ability to function properly. If there is too much or too littlerefrigerant, your system won’t run correctly.
  • Evaporator/Condenser Coils: Your system’s coils need to be cleaned so that it operates properly throughout summer.
  • Blower Components: Airflow problems can cause you system to work 15 percent less efficiently.

A preventive maintenance check-up, conducted by an expert, will give you comfort in knowing that system will work efficiently all summer long. Contact the professionals at Team Bob’stoday and let them check out your system. We have provided quality service to Grand Traverse County and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years and have the experience necessary to help you keep your home comfortable all summer long.

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