Learn What It Takes to Maintain Your Geothermal SystemYour geothermal heat pump will take care of you year-round, offering cost-effective heating and cooling without huge maintenance demands. But a little bit of maintenance is a must for any mechanical system. Here’s what maintaining a geothermal system in Grand Traverse County looks like.

Maintaining a Geothermal System

  • Change the air filters: Every HVAC system benefits from having clean air filters. The filter stops dirt, dust and debris from getting inside the system, and replacing the filter once a month means that filter clogs won’t obstruct airflow and tax the fan motor.
  • Keep the condensation pan clean: If water builds up in the condensation pan, it can lead to mold and mildew growth. The drain should be cleaned with a weak bleach solution once a year, and you could keep an eye on the pan to make sure it’s not collecting excess water.
  • Keep the system clean: If dirt, debris, mold or fungus has gotten into any part of the system, it should be cleaned up before it can impact geothermal system performance.
  • Repair ducts: Ducts should be insulated, sealed and secured to ceilings or walls. The vents should be open and unobstructed, and if you see dust billowing from a vent, it may be time for professional duct cleaning.
  • Manage antifreeze or refrigerant levels: This is one for your local geothermal professionals to keep an eye on. An antifreeze or water mixture circulates through the ground loops, carrying heat into or out of your home. If there’s too much or if it’s not enough, it can’t transfer heat effectively.
  • Manage loop pipe integrity: If the ground loops spring a leak, it’s definitely time for repairs. Again, a geothermal expert should inspect any suspected problems with the pipes and advise repairs when necessary. In general, however, if the geothermal system has been installed properly, leaks in the ground loops are rare.

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