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Considering a Geothermal Retrofit in Your Grand Traverse County Home? 3 Factors to Consider

Considering a Geothermal Retrofit in Your Grand Traverse County Home? 3 Factors to ConsiderIf you’re considering a geothermal retrofit in your Grand Traverse County home, there are some important things that you should consider. Access to the site, whether the ductwork and electrical system are adequate enough to fit the needs of the geothermal system and the effect the retrofit will have on other site services are all areas to consider.

Access to the site

Access to the site where the contractor will bury or install the loop system is essential. Installing a ground loop, whether vertical or horizontal, involves a disruption in landscaping which may be undesirable to the homeowner, while an open loop system requires access to a nearby water source. Other utilities also may have lines going through the site, and these need to be avoided as well. In smaller lots, it may not be possible to bring in the heavy equipment required to bury the ground loop. However, some companies specialize in installation for small lots or tight spaces.

Current ductwork and electrical system

When planning to install a geothermal system for your home, have the technician consider your home’s current ductwork and electrical system. If you’re replacing an electric HVAC system, you may be able to use your existing electrical panel for your new geothermal system. However, if you’re replacing a gas furnace, you’ll likely need a new electrical system installed.

Other site services

The installation of the loops for your geothermal retrofit may interfere with other site services. Have a survey of your land done to determine your property lines, as well as where easements are located. Careful planning should be done to have as little effect on your other site services as possible.

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