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Scheduling Your Fall Furnace Tune-up: What to Expect

Scheduling Your Fall Furnace Tune-up: What to ExpectThe calendar says that fall has officially arrived, and with it, cooler weather is here with the cold not far behind. Before the temperatures drop this year, you should contact your local trusted HVAC professional to schedule an annual preventive maintenance appointment for your furnace.

A fall furnace tune-up will ensure your HVAC system is ready to provide safe, efficient heating when you need it. Regular maintenance also keeps your heating system working at its best and extends equipment life.

When the maintenance technician arrives for your appointment, he will inspect your furnace carefully, searching for signs of trouble. He will check to see if components need to be repaired or replaced or if safety has been compromised. He will test the furnace’s operation to make sure all parts of the system are working properly. By the time the technician leaves, your furnace will be clean, functional and ready for service.

As part of the tune-up, the technician should:

  • Lubricate moving parts such as fans and motors.
  • Clean the combustion chamber of accumulated soot and debris.
  • Clean, adjust and test burners.
  • Check heat exchanger for rust, corrosion or damage.
  • Clean and adjust blower motor and fan.
  • Check and adjust airflow and fan control.
  • Test the thermocouple and replace if needed.
  • Test and calibrate thermostat.
  • Check fuel lines for leaks and ensure tight connections at furnace and utility source.
  • Check electrical power systems.
  • Tighten loose components, belts and electrical connections.
  • Check ignition system and repair if needed.
  • Test ventilation system, including the flue, to ensure safe venting of carbon monoxide.
  • Test and repair safety controls.
  • Check and verify overall system operation.

You may decide to perform some routine maintenance tasks yourself before the technician arrives. This can include changing the air filter and giving the unit an overall cleaning. By taking care of simple tasks yourself, you’ll give the technician more time to concentrate on technical issues that require professional expertise.

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