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Your Furnace Replacement: Drawing up a List of Questions for Your Contractor

Your Furnace Replacement: Drawing up a List of Questions for Your ContractorIf your furnace is on its last leg, now’s the time to get the equipment you’ve always wanted. To ensure your investment pays off, be sure to ask your contractor the following furnace replacement questions before settling on one model or another.

  • How will you size the furnace? Look for an answer that includes making load calculations, not simply basing the size off rules of thumb, such as square footage alone.
  • What efficiency level (Annual Fuel Utlization Efficiency) is best? This depends on your budget and your home situation, though in general buy the highest AFUE you can afford (over 90 percent is considered high efficiency). This rating directly relates to how well your furnace converts fuel into heat.
  • What does the warranty cover and how long does it last? Extended five- to 10-year warranties from the manufacturer are best.
  • What will the furnace vent look like? If the contractor points out a location you don’t like, bring up your concerns before the installation takes place.
  • Is checking the condensate drain part of the installation? New condensing furnaces need to be mounted level with properly sloped piping so condensate can drain away properly.
  • Can the new furnace use the existing chimney? Find out if any modifications, such as adding a chimney liner, are necessary.
  • What do I need to know about changing the air filter? Make sure you know the method and frequency for changing the filter as well as how much replacement filters cost.
  • Do you have experience installing this particular model? You want to choose a furnace that has been in production long enough that the contractor feels comfortable installing it.
  • Does the furnace replacement come with a thermostat? If so, find out if it’s a programmable thermostat, and ask the contractor to show you how to use it.
  • Does the existing ductwork need any modifications? If the new furnace is larger, the ductwork may need to be enlarged to maximize performance.
  • What maintenance plans do you offer? It’s important to keep your new furnace maintained so it runs well for seasons to come.

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