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If a Furnace Replacement Is Coming Your Way, Consider These 3 Things First

If a Furnace Replacement Is Coming Your Way, Consider These 3 Things FirstReplacing your furnace is an important decision for any homeowner. Your current furnace may be too old, inefficient, or may be breaking down often. Consider these three aspects of a furnace when replacing it.

1. Efficiency

All furnaces have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating that allows you to compare units. A higher efficiency means you will have lower heating bills over the lifetime of the unit. The tradeoff for this is typically a higher upfront cost. Compare the cost for the first decade for multiple units and go with the one that makes the most sense for your budget.

2. Fuel Type

In Grand Traverse County, your options for fuel type are either natural gas or propane. You may want to stick with whatever fuel your previous furnace has used, but it’s possible to switch to a new one if you prefer. While natural gas is the most popular furnace fuel, many furnaces designed to run on propane. It may be worth exploring different options in order to have a wider selection. The reason why natural gas usually wins out is that it is often the cheapest, and is highly available in most areas.

3. Size

Picking a furnace that is the right size might be the most important step during a furnace replacement. It is well-known that most furnaces are oversized, which means that they waste fuel and aren’t as effective as a properly sized unit. You will pay more upfront for a larger furnace and it will cost you more to run it as well.

In order to avoid installing an oversized furnace, you should check how your contractor is determining sizing. Contractors should be using the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s Manual J, which has a comprehensive method to calculate proper furnace size based on many factors of your home. Insulation, layout, size, type and size of windows and many more factors are all important in this calculation.

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