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Why Is My Furnace Not Heating My Northern Michigan Home?

Why Is My Furnace Not Heating My Northern Michigan Home?Winters here in Northern Michigan can be brutal, which makes a reliable heating system critical to your comfort. If you find that yours isn’t heating your home adequately, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. Try the following furnace troubleshooting tips before calling your HVAC specialist.

  • Take a look at your thermostat setting. If it’s not in “heat” mode, or if the temperature is set above the current room temperature, you won’t get any heat. Make sure the fan is set to “auto” too, so you’re not blasted with cold air whenever the heating unit cycles off.

  • Examine the thermostat itself. If you’re still having trouble, try replacing the batteries in your digital thermostat. If it’s an older, manual style, try removing the cover and cleaning the contacts.

  • Change or clean your air filter. You should do this every month over the winter to ensure adequate air flow to your furnace. If the filter’s dirty, your heating system can’t operate efficiently.

  • Open the breaker box. A tripped circuit breaker may be the problem. If not, check for a blown fuse or flipped breaker in the control box inside the your furnace’s blower compartment.

  • Look for the gas shutoff. Follow the gas line that runs from the furnace until you locate the shutoff handle, and make sure it’s set in the “on” position, parallel to the pipe.

  • Check your pilot light. If the pilot light has gone out on your older unit, you’ll need to relight it. Look for a guide beside the pilot light opening, or check your owner’s manual for instructions.

If you’ve tried all the above tips and you’re still not getting a sufficient amount of heat, contact your HVAC contractor for help. If you have a newer furnace, there may be a problem with the hot surface or intermittent ignition. Other common issues include a dirty gas burner, and inadequate airflow in the unit’s combustion chamber.

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