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If You’re Thinking About Putting in a Furnace Yourself, Think Again

If You're Thinking About Putting in a Furnace Yourself, Think AgainIf you’re an experienced handyman, you might think that putting in a furnace is just another project that you can easily handle. The truth is, furnaces are a bit more complicated than just hooking up a few lines and vents. An improper installation can result in a potentially deadly situation for you and your family.

Why putting in a furnace yourself is a bad idea

  • Special tools are necessary While you may have the skill to handle all sorts of tools, the reality is that there are several specialty tools that are needed to properly install a furnace. These will include things such as a set of plumbers dies to thread a custom length gas line, a refrigerant pressure gauge to measure your air conditioner pressure, a refrigerant collection device, a two-stage vacuum pump, pure nitrogen and various other custom tools. If you have all of these on hand, you’re still going to have it rough.
  • Training and expertise are needed – First, you’ll have to remove your old furnace. This is the easy part. Then you’ll have to fit the new furnace into the space occupied by the old furnace. What you’re going to find is that the new furnace isn’t going to just slip in and fit. You’ll need to custom cut and fit the sheet metal ductwork around the top of your new heating coil. Professionals can tackle this, along with the remainder of the process, which includes using a vacuum pump to dry out the interior of the copper piping that leads to your air conditioner. The tech will have to flow pure nitrogen through the pipe while it’s brazed in place. The gas inlet line will be custom sized and die cut so it can be fitted onto the gas valve.
  • Professional safety testing is imperative – After you have everything in place, a gas leak test must be performed to ensure everything’s properly installed and operating correctly. If there are leaks near any fasteners, especially in the heat exchanger, the furnace could allow deadly carbon monoxide to enter the home.

Rather that putting in a furnace yourself, contact the HVAC experts at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing. We’ve proudly served homeowners throughout Grand Traverse County and surrounding areas for more than 30 years.

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