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Freon Prices Might Lead To Sticker Shock: Experts Weigh In On Options

Freon Prices Might Lead To Sticker Shock: Experts Weigh In On OptionsMichigan homeowners who have had to buy refrigerant for their old air conditioning systems this year have faced a bit of sticker shock: R-22 Freon prices have roughly tripled in 2012. 

The big increase in R-22 Freon prices is a result of supply and demand: though demand hasn’t changed much from last year, the supply has been drastically cut. Because of environmental concerns, the Environmental Protection Agency is reducing the amount of newly produced “virgin” R-22 that can be sold each year. By 2020, no virgin R-22 will be allowed at all; the country’s supply will have to come from recycling the R-22 present in old air conditioners as they are retired.

Though new air conditioners today do not use R-22 Freon, around 80 percent of the A/C units still in operation do require the chemical. If you are part of the 80 percent, the experts at
Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing
have some options to consider:

  • Keep your existing air conditioner in shape: Air conditioners do not require additional refrigerant if they are working perfectly; you only have to pay the higher R-22 Freon prices if the unit leaks or if a part breaks down and releases the gas to the atmosphere. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your A/C and save you money overall.
  • Upgrade your air conditioner to use a different refrigerant: R-22 Freon’s replacements, such as R-410A, operate under higher pressures. Converting your existing A/C to use a different refrigerant therefore requires replacing many of the main parts, and it often makes more sense to simply replace the whole system.
  • Replace your air conditioner: Besides using refrigerants that are less expensive, easier to find and better for the environment than R-22 Freon, new air conditioners usually have better efficiency ratings than older units. The combined savings on your electric bills and your repair costs can, over time, more than pay for installing a new system.

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