HVAC Tips You Need to Know as a First-Time Home BuyerAn important part of buying a new home that frequently gets skipped over is evaluating the home’s heating and cooling (HVAC) system. But the more you know about how this system works to cool, heat and ventilate your home, the more money you’ll save on energy and the more comfortable you’ll be. Following are some helpful HVAC tips for the first-time home buyer.

  • What do you have? First things first: ascertain what type of equipment/systems cool and heat your home. If you’re like most homeowners in Michigan, you heat with a gas furnace and cool with a split-system air conditioner. These are forced-air systems that use the furnace’s blower to pull air into the equipment, for heating or cooling, then circulate it throughout your home via ductwork.
  • Control your home comfort. Most modern homes are equipped with programmable thermostats, which allow the homeowner to program energy-saving settings to match the family’s daily and weekly schedule. There’s never a good reason to fully cool or heat a home when everyone’s gone for the day.
  • Do it yourself. Most homeowners, even those who aren’t that handy, can perform basic maintenance on their HVAC system. The most important chore is to keep a fresh air filter in the furnace and A/C. Check it every month, and when it looks dirty, change it. A clean air filter will save energy, enhance cooling and heating performance, protect equipment and improve indoor air quality.
  • Get to know your house. Learn how the house cools and heats. Where does it stay cool while other areas are warm, and vice versa? Most homes, especially those with multiple levels, struggle to provide consistent heating and cooling throughout. Consider zoned heating and cooling to address this situation, or else employ safe but effective space heating and cooling in hard-to-condition rooms.
  • Schedule annual maintenance. This is essential to keep your HVAC system operating safely, efficiently and effectively. For extra protection, get a tune-up in both spring and fall.

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