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The EnergyGuide Label Can Guide Your Next Choice Of HVAC Systems

The EnergyGuide Label Can Guide Your Next Choice Of HVAC SystemsIf you’re contemplating new HVAC equipment for your Grand Traverse County home, the EnergyGuide label can help you decide on the best system for you. Whether you’re dealing with a broken HVAC system or simply looking for one that won’t drive up your utility bills, energy-efficient HVAC systems will save you money. How do you know which system will save you the most? The EnergyGuide label was designed to answer that question in a way that’s easy for consumers to understand.

The EnergyGuide label is easy to recognize. It’s bright yellow with black text, and it’s found on a variety of appliances including air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps. The EnergyGuide concept was created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to help consumers compare the efficiency of different appliances of the same type at a glance.

Although there are minor differences between the EnergyGuide labels for different types of appliances, they all have a fairly similar format. At the top, you will see the EnergyGuide logo and a description of the type of appliance the label is attached to. This section is useful for ensuring that the HVAC systems you’re comparing are the same type and size.

The middle section shows the range of energy costs for HVAC systems of the type you’re comparing. It also shows where the model you’re looking at falls in that range. This number is an estimate based on average energy prices, but it does let you know whether a given HVAC system is more or less efficient than other models.

The bottom section gives an estimate of how much energy will be used per year by the HVAC system. By multiplying that number times your actual energy cost from your monthly utility bill, you can get a reasonable idea of how much the system will actually cost you to run. In this section, you will also see an Energy Star label if the HVAC system qualifies as a high-efficiency system.

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