This is How to Read the EnergyGuide LabelThe bulk of your energy bill can be divided up into energy used for cooling and heating costs, water heater, electronics, and small and large appliances. If you take a closer look at them, you may see the EnergyGuide label posted. Do you know how to read the label to increase energy savings on your next purchases?

EnergyGuide Label

The price of any home appliance or electronic isn’t just the number on the price tag. You have to consider the energy costs for operating the unit to be able to full compare the long term costs. This is simplified by reading the information on the yellow EnergyGuide label.

For example, if you are upgrading your central cooling unit, you would see the product description and designation, such as “central air conditioner” and “cooling only,” in the upper left corner. The product’s manufacturer, make, and model information is located in the upper right corner of the label.

Energy Efficiency

Prominently displayed in the large center part of the label is a graphical representation of energy efficiency specifically for the unit. In the case of the example central air conditioner, the SEER number is displayed.

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and it represents the factored ratio of cooling output and energy input. The higher the SEER, the greater energy efficiency. For Traverse City area homeowners, as of Jan. 1, 2015, the minimum SEER for a central air conditioner or heat pump is 13. Look for SEER 20 or higher for superior energy savings.

Comparison Shopping

Located just beneath the product’s SEER rating is an arrow depicting the unit’s relative position regarding energy efficiency compared to similar products of other makes and models. At a glance, you can clearly see how each HVAC unit compares to the next when it comes to operating costs.

Bear in mind that the information on EnergyGuide labels will vary slightly between product types. For more details about reading and using the EnergyGuide label, please contact the experts at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing today!

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