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Understanding the Energy Star Label Gives Consumers the Power

Understanding the Energy Star Label Gives Consumers the PowerYou’ve probably seen the logo or heard the words Energy Star, but what exactly do these words mean and how do they apply to your home? The Energy Star label is not just some fancy name developed by a marketing company, it’s actually a government symbol that stands for energy efficiency. In essence, whenever you see this symbol on a home appliance, you know that it’s EPA approved to reduce emissions and pollutants that cause inefficient energy use, which translates to savings on your electric bill.

The Energy Star label can be found on all types of home appliances, from water heaters to HVAC units. But how do you know that just because they carry the energy efficient label, they actually save the energy they claim to? Any appliance carrying this symbol must meet requirements developed by the EPA. These include:

  • Products must significantly reduce energy.
  • Products must also provide performance and features that meet customers’ needs, in addition to being energy efficient.
  • The technology found in the product must be available through more than one manufacturer.
  • The performance and energy consumption is verifiable through previous testing.
  • If the product is more expensive than a non-energy efficient product, consumers must be able to get a return on their investment through increased savings on their electric bill.

These are all things to consider when choosing a more energy efficient appliance. Saving money on your electric bill and cutting down your carbon footprint benefits not only your wallet, but also the planet. These appliances are not only good for the world, but they’re also consumer-friendly by design, which makes upgrading easy.

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