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Energy Savings Myths: Can You Afford To Ignore Them?

Energy Savings Myths: Can You Afford To Ignore Them?If you’ve been looking for ways to achieve energy savings in your Grand Traverse County home, you’ve probably run across a lot of different information about ways to save energy. The question is, how to you sort out the facts from commonly accepted myths that aren’t really true? Read further to find out what’s real and what’s a myth.

  • Myth: Closing your vents saves energy. The truth? The HVAC unit is what expends energy, and it keeps working whether your vents are open or closed. When you close your vents, you force air to redirect into other rooms or out through leaks in your ducts, potentially making those leaks worse.
  • Truth: If your furnace uses electricity, it’s less efficient than if it uses natural gas. An electric furnace does use all or almost all of the energy put into it, so it’s very efficient in that sense. However, manufacturing electricity is an inefficient process with up to two-thirds of energy-making fuel wasted. The cost of electricity reflects that. Natural gas is both less expensive and ultimately more efficient than electricity.
  • Myth: When you turn off your appliances, you’re saving energy. The truth? Most appliances still draw energy as long as they’re plugged in, even if they’re turned off. If you really want to stop them from using energy, plug everything into power strips and unplug those when the appliances aren’t in use.
  • Truth: Energy-efficient appliances and HVAC equipment will save money. Advances in energy-efficient technology have made appliances and HVAC equipment much more efficient than it used to be. However, in the case of HVAC equipment, you will only see the savings if the equipment is sized and installed properly.
  • Myth: Duct tape is the right tool for sealing ducts. The truth? In spite of the name, duct tape doesn’t actually hold up to the changes in temperature that ducts experience. When ducts get hot, the glue on duct tape tends to melt. Use mastic instead.

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