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Teach Kids to be Energy Savers and They’ll Develop Good Habits for Life

Teach Kids to be Energy Savers and They'll Develop Good Habits for LifeGood habits can be cultivated early in life. Teach kids to be energy savers and this will help the present as well as the future. Here are some habits you can teach right away.

Close the door. When kids come inside or leave the home, teach them to close the door behind them rather than leave it open. In summertime, it can be especially tempting to forget this energy-saving action. Tell them how important it is not to let out the conditioned air.

Turn off the lights. Unless kids are coming back to the room in just a few minutes, they should always turn off the lights. This applies to ceiling fans as well.

Shut off the television. The television should only be on when someone is watching it.

Shut the refrigerator. Kids often leave the refrigerator door open as they fix a snack. While a few seconds is not a big deal, they may lose track of time and let a lot of valuable cold air to escape. Remind them to keep the refrigerator door shut except when they’re actively removing or returning food.

Don’t waste the hot water. Unless filling up a bathtub or a sink basin, faucets should not be left running. Give your water heater a break and teach kids to conserve.

Pull those shades. If hot summer sun is beaming through a window, teach kids to close the curtains or blinds. Take that opportunity to give them a lesson about heat gain.

Reduce laundry. There’s no doubt that youngsters should have clean clothes available. However, sometimes clothes can be safely worn more than once before being laundered. Teach children not to throw these on the floor where they may be soiled. Instead, your child can look at the garment to determine if it can be worn once more before washing. The fewer loads you wash per week, the more energy saved..

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