Conserving Energy Myths and What You Should Really Be DoingIt’s not always easy to change your home energy habits when you are trying to conserve energy. To make matters worse, there are several energy myths abound that work against your efforts and actually increase your energy bills. Read on to get the facts about home efficiency.

Myth #1: There’s no such thing as “energy vampires.”

Yes, there are such things as energy vampires. They are called electronics and small appliances, and they want your electricity! Connect all of your personal phone and electronics chargers, audio equipment, spare TVs, toasters and microwaves to power strips to really turn power OFF!

Myth #2: Close vents in seldom used rooms.

If you close a vent in any room, used or not, you change the balance of conditioned airflow throughout your home. Further, you won’t save a dime on your energy bill! This is because closing one or two vents won’t change the temperature readings at the thermostat, which is what actually controls HVAC operation.

Myth #3: Don’t use ceiling fans in cooler weather.

If you flip the switch on your ceiling fan so that it pulls air up toward the ceiling, the heated airflow will circulate more evenly and you won’t feel a wind-chill effect.

Myth #4: Turn the thermostat up for faster heating.

Generally speaking, constantly fiddling with the thermostat uses more energy than it saves. Your best option is installing a programmable thermostat.

Myth #5: Set the thermostat at the same heat setting 24/7.

In warmer regions of the country that heat their homes with air-source heat pumps, this statement is actually true. However, if you heat your Traverse City home with a furnace, boiler, dual-fuel system, or geothermal heat pump, it’s a myth. When your home is unoccupied, turn back your thermostat 10-15 degrees to save money and energy. Again, this is where a programmable thermostat really helps so that you don’t return from work to a cold home.

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