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Yes, You Can Boost Your Older Home’s Energy Efficiency Without Sacrificing Any Of Its Charm

Yes, You Can Boost Your Older Home's Energy Efficiency Without Sacrificing Any Of Its CharmIf you own an older home in the Grand Traverse County area, you may be wary about making any upgrades that alter your home’s appearance for the sake of increased energy efficiency. This is tough because you’re really going to feel the energy costs during the upcoming winter season. However, there are many ways you can increase your older home’s energy efficiency without sacrificing its charm.

  • Energy audit: Have a professional contractor perform an energy evaluation on your home. Find a contractor that has experience evaluating older homes. The last thing you want is a contractor that’s only interested in pushing new products that can affect your old home’s appearance.
  • Air leaks: There are a number of areas around your house that can be causing air to leak inside. These include crawlspaces, around electrical outlets, around door and window frames, and cracks in the side or foundation of the house. Many of these areas can be sealed using weatherstripping and caulking.
  • Windows: Odds are you won’t want to replace your windows, as they’re a part of your home’s look. Many windows made before 1950 used rare wood that tends to be valuable and strong. You should be able to repair any damages instead of having to replace them in order to recoup the same amount of lost energy and usually for a lower cost.
  • Insulation : With older homes, be wary about insulating your walls. Older walls can have old tube wiring inside that could become a fire hazard. Moisture inside older walls can cause decay and mold. Have your walls inspected before you decide to add insulation in this area. Although it may not be a good idea to insulate your walls, you should still insulate your attic. This will go a long way in cutting down energy losses.

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