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7 Simple Steps Remove Dust and Improve Indoor Air Quality

7 Simple Steps Remove Dust and Improve Indoor Air QualityUnfortunately for Grand Traverse County residents, the breeze off the bay just isn’t enough to improve indoor air quality. If you want to get rid of the dust and contaminants in your home’s air, you’ll need to take some action.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Cut the clutter – A house full of knickknacks, stacks of paper, and other clutter is a haven for dust. Aim to keep surfaces clear and keep nooks and crannies that collect dust sparse. This reduces the dust in your home while streamlining your cleaning.
  • Keep bedding fresh – Sheets, blankets and pillows collect dust fast. To keep yours clean, protect them with allergen-proof covers, and change your bedding once a week.
  • Choose efficient cleaning supplies – Some cleaning tools, such as feather dusters, spread dust around instead of picking it up. To avoid this problem, use microfiber dust cloths and mops, which capture dust more effectively. Dust cloths and other products that have an electrostatic charge also pick up dust well.
  • Pick the right vacuum – To suck up dust efficiently, choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Use a hose attachment with an agitator brush on carpet and one without this brush on wood floors and other flat surfaces. Rugs should be beaten down outdoors or sent to a professional cleaner.
  • Clear the air – Vacuuming inevitably kicks up dust, but you can remove the dust from your air just by setting the heating and cooling system to run on “fan only” for around 15 minutes, then setting it back to “auto.” This draws the air in your home through the HVAC system’s air filter, which helps remove dust.
  • Use a higher-efficiency filter – If you have allergies, install a MERV 10 or 11 pleated air filter. These filters are efficient enough to trap most dust particles.
  • Consider an air cleaner – To improve indoor air quality even more, have an electronic air cleaner installed in your heating and cooling system. These systems can capture the tiny particles even high-efficiency filters miss.

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