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Good Ductwork Design, and Why You Should Want It

Good Ductwork Design, and Why You Should Want ItIdeally, your Grand Traverse County home’s ductwork was designed and installed flawlessly. You enjoy the many benefits of good ductwork design, and have no pesky problems with duct air leakage, banging or rattling ducts, or rooms that are always too hot or too cold. If, however, you have ductwork difficulties, you know the value of thoughtful duct design and installation. You deserve to enjoy it, and remodeling is a great time to achieve it.

Good Ductwork Design Delivers

When considering a remodeling or expansion, talk to your architect and mechanical engineer about remodeling the ductwork, too. Some improvements you can gain from well-designed ductwork:

  • All rooms at desired temperatures
  • Furnace, air handler and central air conditioner operate efficiently
  • No air leaks from poor duct connections
  • No backdrafting (furnace fumes pulled back into the home)
  • No untreated, humid air infiltrating your home
  • Proper system balancing
  • Stable air pressure and ideal airflow throughout your home

Proper ductwork design can achieve more than 80 percent efficiency for air circulation, while weak duct layout can rob your system of nearly 40 percent of its efficiency.

Getting What You Want

To get the good duct layout you deserve and need, the discussion with your architect and mechanical contractor begins with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manuals J, S and D. These step-by-step manuals guide the calculation of heating and cooling loads, selection of HVAC equipment, and excellent ductwork design. Look for these hallmarks:

  • Supply-side ductwork using trunk-and-branch or radial layouts
  • Return-side ductwork using multiple-room return layout (though this can be pricey)
  • All metal ducts joined with sheet metal screws and all joints sealed with mastic
  • All ducts running up interior, not exterior, walls
  • All ducts passing through conditioned, not untreated, spaces

Talk honestly with your architect to convey your desire for improved energy efficiency, better duct performance, and cleaner, fresher indoor air. Follow through with your mechanical contractor to ensure the recommended duct design is actually installed according to Manual D.

For help achieving superior ductwork design for your Grand Traverse County home, contact us at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing.

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