You Need Tight Ducts to Keep Heat Inside Your Home Where it BelongsFew homeowners in Grand Traverse County understand that regularly maintaining your home’s ductwork is important for reliable heat. Here are some suggestions to help determine whether you have tight ducts:

Is Your Home Evenly Heated?

  1. Warm air circulates through the ductwork and registers. Even a new furnace won’t heat your home evenly if the registers are blocked by poorly located furniture. Fortunately, this common problem is easy to fix.
  2. After making sure that nothing is in front of the registers, look into them for anything that obstructing the air. Remove accumulated items by hand and use a vacuum cleaner hose for smaller debris.
  3. If you have determined that the air should be able to enter the room freely, the cold room is likely to be caused by leaky ducts between the furnace and cold rooms.

So Much Noise!

  1. Tight ducts in your home are generally quiet, but loose and broken ducts create loud rattling sounds as the air passes through them.
  2. Wind-like sounds coming from the registers are a sign that the passage for air has become too narrow for the amount of air that is being propelled through it. This can be caused by collapsed ductwork, accumulated debris or simply because section of ductwork is not broad enough to accommodate the air required to heat your home.

Unusually High Bills

  • Have you been uncomfortably chilly at home but watched your heating bills soar? This can happen when hot air leaks from your ducts instead of going where it is needed.

Don’t DIY

While it seems counterintuitive that hiring a professional will save money, doing it yourself often costs more. Between having access to formal training, top quality equipment, and professional grade supplies that include fiberglass, mastic and sheet metal, a professional’s results will lower your heat bill and avoid unnecessary repairs down the road.

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