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The Mighty Mini: the Evolution of Ductless Heating and Cooling

The Mighty Mini: the Evolution of Ductless Heating and CoolingFrom the window air conditioning units of the 1970s, manufacturers have gradually developed the ductless systems of today.

The primary goal of the pioneers in developing the ductless system was to provide air conditioning localized to specific areas in homes and buildings when a system to manage the entire building was not feasible due to space or financial limitations. As these units were developed, they eventually began addressing heating as well as cooling. Thus the evolution of ductless heating and cooling. 

One of the most innovative developments was the ability to locate the condensing unit outside, as happens with conventional forced-air A/C split systems. This eliminated the need to install the unit in a window and offered a quieter, more user-friendly control. The space restriction of Asian countries, particularly Japan, motivated them to rapid early development.

Since then, many manufacturers have invested in development of wall-mounted indoor ductless units and many alternative designs, including floor models and units suspended from ceilings. The evolution of ductless heating and cooling, sometimes referred to as mini-split systems, has provided a cost-effective replacement for baseboard heating and window air conditioners. Concealable units have given the ductless product a place in the commercial world, as well as the residential.

The technology behind ductless systems has continued to develop, giving them a reputation for reliability, energy efficiency and easy maintenance. Contractors have discovered that quarterly maintenance of the filter and cleaning the condenser coil are sufficient for both large and small systems.

The evolution of ductless heating and cooling has continued to advance, and in the last 15 years has included more efficient compressors that operate at a lower outside temperature level and are more reliable with a longer useful life. Intricate high-performance coil designs maximize heat transfer efficiency. Newer systems include self-diagnosis abilities to assist the service technician and reduce downtime.

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