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Ductless Mini Split Maintenance to Keep Your System Operating Efficiently

Ductless Mini Split Maintenance to Keep Your System Operating EfficientlyYou made a great decision when you installed a ductless mini split. Go two-for-two for great home-comfort decisions by scheduling ductless mini split maintenance before the summer heats up, and you’ll enjoy cool relief from the heat and lower energy bills.

Ductless mini split basics

A ductless mini split works much the same as a refrigerator. By manipulating refrigerant under pressure changes, it absorbs heat from one space and releases the absorbed heat to another space. In cooling mode, the mini split absorbs heat from your home at each indoor air handler and releases the heat at the condenser coil outside.

Professional ductless mini split maintenance

Professional ductless mini split maintenance focuses on optimizing the efficiency of all correlating components to maximize refrigerant heat exchange, which is what defines ductless mini split efficiency. These are some of the tasks your HVAC professional conducts:

  • Checks the outside unit for a firm footing on the base.
  • Inspects the area around the outside unit for obstructions to airflow (vegetation, fencing, garbage bins, debris, etc.)
  • Inspects the conduit for signs of wear or damage.
  • Cleans all components in the outside unit.
  • Tests electrical connections for function, fit and wear.
  • Inspects the compressor for leaks.
  • Inspects the condenser for leaks.
  • Measures refrigerant charge and adjusts as needed to manufacturer specs.
  • Cleans the air filter for each indoor air handler.
  • Inspects and cleans indoor-air quality components.
  • Tests airflow components (air handler, oscillation and speeds).
  • Cleans and chemically treats the evaporator coil to prevent mold growth.
  • Cleans and chemically treats the drainage system to prevent mold and algae growth.

If you only use your ductless mini split for the cooling months, and you power off the system at the main circuit panel during the heating months, make sure you turn the power on at the circuit panel (not the thermostat) 24 hours prior to ductless mini split maintenance to allow the compressor to separate oil and refrigerant.

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