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Increase Duct Efficiency, And Drive Comfort And Savings Through The Roof

Unfortunately, many homes lose up to 35 percent of their heated or air conditioned air due to duct leaks and improperly designed ducts. Increasing your duct efficiency will make your home more comfortable and save money on energy bills. If your energy bills seem high, or if you have a difficult time heating and cooling your home, consider duct maintenance to increase your efficiency. 

  • Fixing duct leaks: During cold Michigan winters, it’s a shame to lose hot air due to duct leaks. Sealing your ducts will greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency, while also making it easier to heat your home. You may be able to seal some duct leaks yourself, but it’s easiest to have a licensed professional take care of it. To seal leaks yourself, look for visible cracks and holes and repair them with duct mastic, butyl tape or foil tape.
  • Proper ductwork design: Ductwork should distribute heated or cooled air evenly throughout your house. Smoothly-curved corners and ducts made out of smooth sheet metal facilitate even air distribution. If you notice that some parts of your house don’t get warmed or cooled as easily as other areas, look for sharp corners in ductwork or non-smooth duct materials. As part of a home energy assessment or your routine duct maintenance, have your contractor assess your ductwork design.
  • Insulating ducts: Properly insulating ductwork will also increase duct efficiency. Ducts lose energy when they are not properly insulated. For example, exposed ductwork in an uninsulated attic will not be very efficient. If you see exposed ductwork around your house or know that some of your air ducts run inside uninsulated walls, have a contractor install insulation around the ducts. Old ductwork is especially likely to have inadequate insulation.
  • Long-term savings: Hiring a professional contractor to seal, insulate or redesign your ducts will cost money upfront. However, the increased duct efficiency will save you money in the long run.

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