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Don’t Forget Duct Cleaning this Spring

Don't Forget Duct Cleaning this SpringWhen the irresistible pull of spring cleaning your Traverse City-area home strikes, you may find yourself on your hands and knees, up ladders, or buried in closets. Amid all the cleaning, do not neglect your home’s ductwork. 

Signs Duct Cleaning is Needed

  • Visible mold growth—With mold, you risk your family’s health
  • Evidence of pests in ducts—Rodent droppings or insect parts require professional help
  • Remodeling—Sawdust, joint compound dust and insulation shreds may be pulled into your ductwork
  • Particles fly out of registers—If, at system start-up, you see actual particulate blowing through the vents, the ducts are harboring loose debris


Having a good filtration device on your HVAC system can alleviate the need for annual duct cleaning:

  • High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration can trap most particulates
  • Consistently replacing your air filter will prevent dust clogs
  • Electrostatic filters can literally grab pollutants from your home’s airflow

Duct Cleaning Details

A reliable, honest HVAC contractor will clean your ducts by examining them using periscopes and mirrors to see into places normally beyond reach. Using a combination of hand tools, electric vacuums and blowers, the technician will rid the ducts of built-up dust and clogs. The job is finished by cleaning the HVAC components, such as your air conditioner’s coils.

Clean ducts improve indoor air quality, save you money by improving system efficiency, decrease pollution and increase safety by ridding your home of potentially harmful fumes.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ductwork does not need to be cleaned unless you or your trusted HVAC technician identifies a specific concern. There is no determined correlation between cleaning ducts and preventing health problems.

Be wary of an unscrupulous HVAC operator who looks at one small area of your ductwork and says your whole system should be cleaned at great cost. Many parts of your home’s ductwork are inaccessible and out of view, while registers and vents may routinely collect household dust simply due to their exposure in walls and near floors.

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