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Dual Fuel Heat Pumps and the Benefits of Multiple Heat Options

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps and the Benefits of Multiple Heat OptionsWhen you’re choosing a new heating system for your home in the Grand Traverse County area, be sure to consider duel fuel heat pumps. They combine the best aspects of both an electric heat pump and a natural gas forced-air furnace to provide your home with efficient heating during harsh Michigan winters. Here are a few advantages dual fuel heat pumps have to offer:

Flexible Heating

A heat pump performs the best when the temperature outside is above 40 degrees. A dual fuel heat pump adds a furnace, which kicks in when the temperature drops. This allows your heating system to operate at optimal efficiency no matter the temperature.

Increased Comfort

A duel fuel system can help keep you home more comfortable than a heat pump alone, due to the on-demand nature of gas furnaces. When temperatures dip below 40 degrees, the gas furnace will start up to make sure your home stays warm.

Reduced Heating Bills

Because a dual fuel heat pump uses the best system for the current weather conditions, they’re very efficient and can reduce your monthly heating bills significantly. The savings over the life of a duel fuel system will more than make up for the greater initial cost, which is higher because you’re effectively installing both a heat pump and a regular furnace.

Increased Efficiency

By using the appropriate system for a job, dual fuel heat pumps can heat your home very efficiently when compared to most other heating systems. This leads to reduced heating bills and less wasted energy.

Environmentally Friendly

Because you’re using much less fuel and electricity with a duel fuel heat pump, you’re also reducing your impact on the environment, decreasing your carbon footprint.

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