Don't Let These Items Go Down a DrainOne of the most common causes of clogged and damaged drains is a foreign object that should never have got into the drain in the first place. Practicing basic drain safety will keep your fixtures free of clogs and damage.

Protect Your Sinks

Fats and oils, such as cooking oil, grease, and butter should never be poured down the sink. Even if they’re liquid when you pour them in, they’ll solidify in the cold pipes, trap other debris passing through, and form drain clogs. Pour fats and oils into a bottle, then throw the bottle out with the trash.

Never put food scraps, especially sticky foods such as cooked pasta, sauces, and leftover bread dough, into the drain. Dairy foods and drinks are another thing to keep out.

If you have a garbage disposal, don’t use it for egg shells, meat or fibrous material such as banana peels. As part of your drain safety efforts, place drain strainers over your sink and shower drains. These catch hair, soap scum, and other debris before they can slip into the drain.

Keep Your Toilet Clog-Free

As tempting as it might be to occasionally toss a cotton ball into the toilet, it’s never a good idea to flush anything that wasn’t designed to be flushed. Only waste and toilet paper should ever go into the toilet. Avoid flushing tissues, cotton balls, baby wipes, diapers, tampons, sanitary pads, condoms, and cigarette butts.

Although you can find toilet paper with “flushable” cardboard rolls, it’s still best to throw these rolls in the trash. This is particularly true if you have older plumbing that’s prone to clogs.

Old makeup, paint, motor oil, expired pills, and other substances should be disposed of in the trash or at a designated collection point. These substances can not only clog drains, but they also contaminate your local water supply.

Frequently clogging drains are a sign that something’s wrong with your plumbing system. You might have damaged pipes or a clog in your sewer line. If you suspect a major drain safety or plumbing issue, contact a plumber for help.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Brett_Hondow/Pixabay”