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How to Drain Pipes and Prevent Freezing This Winter

How to Drain Pipes and Prevent Freezing This WinterWith winter approaching you should be aware of the damage the cold can have on your home’s pipes. If your pipes freeze it can cause a water back up, resulting in flooding or even pipes bursting. If this happens, you could be without water for a substantial amount of time and repairing the damage is quite expensive. Here are steps you can take to guide you on how to drain pipes and prevent freezing.

Turn off the water source

You must turn off all the water sources to your pipes. The first water source you need to turn off is the main one. Then turn off the water supply to your toilets since water is able to recirculate. The valve is located on the floor and behind your toilet. Turn it all the way to the right in order to completely shut the water off.

Drain water from pipes

Despite the water being turned off, it can still remain inside your pipes and should be drained. You will have to flush each toilet in your home until all the water is gone from each tank. Every sink, shower and bathtub faucet will need to be turned on to remove water. That includes both hot and cold. The hot water because it has to go through your hot water heater will take more time to drain.

Force out water

Pipes have bends where water pools. It is crucial to force it out. You may use your air compressor or purchase canned forced air. With a two leveled home you must begin at the top level and work your way down. Place the air compressor hose or canned forced air into the main drains and give blasts of air for a few seconds in every pipe. This forces the pooled water out from the bends in your pipes.

So in order to avoid damage this winter follow these three important steps to drain pipes and prevent freezing.

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