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Don’t Risk The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide Exposure, Install A CO Detector

Carbon monoxide is a very real threat in any home. Most heating equipment burns fossil fuels and produces carbon monoxide as a byproduct but if there are gas leaks, this odorless and potentially lethal gas can make it into your home’s air. Protect you and your family by installing at least one carbon monoxide detector.

There are several different types of carbon monoxide (CO) detectors available and you can find one that suits your needs best by understanding the differences between them. There are some models that plug directly into the wall for their power source but you need to make sure that if you purchase one of these that it has a battery backup. This will keep it functional in the event of a power outage.

Others are wholly battery powered, giving you more flexibility in where you position it.  You can keep them in more discreet locations like on a table or bookshelf, as long as you still have it close to your bedroom.  These should feature a loud warning beep that will indicate when the batteries are running low or if there is a problem with the CO sensor so that you can address the problem immediately.

You can also find hybrid smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, which reduce the number of warning devices you need in your home. The main restrictions with these are that they have to be hard-wired into your electrical system and have to be mounted to your ceiling to effectively monitor for smoke. Also, be sure that you don’t purchase a unit that only serves as one device, thinking it does both jobs; check the product specifications carefully.

The positioning of your CO detector is crucial. You need to have at least one on every floor, preferably one by every bedroom.  It should be no more than 15 feet from you bedroom door so that it can effectively wake you up in the middle of the night.

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